Quality Assurances



The Quality Policy of Stoneswood Residential Home is to determine, agree and conform to the needs and expectations of our residents and their relatives, whilst fulfilling the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001. The most recent audit in September 2018 reported Stoneswood as an exemplary Care Home Provider.

The business was awarded the “Six Steps Accreditation” in September 2014. The “Six Steps Accreditation” is aligned with the Gold Standard Framework and is achieved by working closely with the NHS to reduce hospital admissions by improving and expanding the care within our care home environment. The programme involves extra training for staff and improved processes for dealing with end-of-life situations. Not only our staff but our residents and families benefit from the programme.

The service is delivered to a very high standard with all staff trained in line with the National Care Home Standards. In addition all Staff are offered advanced training to enhance both themselves and the home. Strong links are held with Staff development at Oldham Social Services and the majority of our training is attained through them.



Stoneswood is committed to developing all staff in NVQ’s to maintain a high and consistent standard of service delivery. All new employees are given a full in house induction along with the 2 day Common Induction Skills for care. All employees recruited are both POVA and DBS checked, with each member of staff also required to carry out a 13 week trial to assess suitability.

Stoneswood has also been audited by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council and has been awarded an ‘Excellent’ status in their Quality Scheme.


1) To be positioned as the best quality and best value home within the region.

In line with the vision set down by the owners the organisation has been developed to create a modern and homely environment in both physical and operational infrastructure. Significant investment has been made in developing these facilities and as a quality provider we benchmark our pricing structure to ensure that we offer the best value for money achievable.

2) To maintain optimum occupancy within the home with consistent provision of a quality service to all residents.

The nature of running a Care Home makes for an environment where it is impossible to have a constant 100% occupancy. Therefore a number of years ago the management team introduced a performance measure of 95% occupancy (Key Performance Indicator, KPI) which was set out to be a challenging deliverable to be maintained through a focus of all staff on the “continuous improvement” policy. The occupancy KPI has been measured and reported on a monthly basis now for over 2 years and the performance to plan has been exceptional.


3) To provide a complete quality service to all stakeholders with effective and efficient use of all resources.

Continuous Improvement:

Continuous Improvement (CI) is essential for all businesses and forms a key part of our Quality Management System. The idea is to continually monitor our business activities and address any areas that can be done better, through experience. Some examples of CI activity are shown below.

  • We create improvement initiatives to focus on cost, quality & delivery
  • We measure activities ensuring that best practice is being applied
  • We believe that our processes incur waste and aim to identify these and improve them through “Lean Thinking”
  • We motivate people to be more efficient< /span>

Continuous Improvement has allowed the business to achieve the following:

  • Improved resource management
  • Increased staff retention
  • Enhanced visibility of work
  • Enhanced perception of our company values
  • Better customer service / A strong client base
  • Increased profitability for on-going investment


Respect & Development of People

Respect for people is a key strand of business improvement and is aimed at encouraging our business values to the people that work within the Home and the wider supply chain. This is reflected in the company’s approach to everything from health and safety, to welfare and conditions, providing development opportunity, work life balance and job satisfaction.

We believe in trust.

We are very proud of the high standards we maintain at Stoneswood and the recognition we have achieved for these from a

range of independent external agencies. As well as holding ISO9001 accreditation, we were also awarded an EXCELLENT rating by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council’s recent Quality Rating System and our kitchens hold the top 5 STAR rating from the Food Hygiene Standard.

We were rated as ‘Excellent’ by the Care Quality Commission at its last formal Inspection in July 2014 (We were rated as good in August 2018). Stoneswood has also been audited by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council and has been awarded an ‘Excellent’ status in their Quality Scheme. In addition, Stoneswood has also won the carehome.co.uk Top 20 Award 2019.